Movie of the week: It’s Complicated

By admin
22 February 2010


A divorcée starts a relationship with her ex-husband when his new marriage to a younger woman doesn’t work out. Then she meets a charming older man who’s also divorced.


Anyone who has gone through the hell of a divorce or a failed relationship and is consumed by anger and regret. This charming, clever comedy shows you can have a second chance at happiness - although making the right choices isn’t easy. It’s one of the wittiest scripts in years and the characters are ordinary people with problems you can relate to. It’s the combination of Streep, Baldwin and Martin that gives this comedy vooma. Add Nancy Meyers’ sparkling, humanistic direction and plenty of witty one-liners and you have a film that will have you in stitches for two hours. See it even if you have to steal a ticket.


If you’re between 16 and 23 you might think this is a yucky flick about old people who fall in love and you’d rather see it on DVD. But you’d be wrong, mate. This wonderfully fresh movie has a modern heart and also looks at kids who deal with their parents’ divorce without letting it destroy them. In the process they learn to laugh at their parents and their neuroses. The sex scenes are hilarious and will make you realise adults have to deal with the same problems and guilty feelings as adolescents. If you’re broke, skip the popcorn but buy a ticket.


Sleepless in Seattle, As Good as It Gets, About Schmidt.

Romantic comedy. With MERYL STREEP, ALEC BALDWIN and Steve Martin. Director: Nancy Meyers. 16. Opens 26 February.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leon van Nierop

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