Movie of the week: Jobs

By admin
14 October 2013

This movie tells the story of Steve Jobs' ascension from college dropout into one of the most revered creative entrepreneurs of the 20th century.

Biopic. With Ashton Kutcher, Dermot Mulroney and Josh Gad. Director: Joshua Michael Stern. 10-12PGL. Opens 18 October.

Since his death the eventful career of Steve Jobs, the founder and creator of the famous Apple brand, has been detailed in books and documentaries. His admirers are by now familiar with the story of the hippie who rebelled against convention and started his company in his garage. Apple went on to become one of the best-known, most successful enterprises yet. Casting the sexy, lightweight Kutcher as the ambitious man with the piercing eyes and phenomenal intellect was a mistake. Kutcher might be a handsome sitcom actor but he doesn’t have nearly enough gravitas to portray this genial businessman and inventor. What’s more, the movie touches on the most important events in Jobs’ life like a cat hopping about on a hot tin roof, leaving viewers with only odd snatches from his life. The storytelling is too fragmented and not enough attention is paid to Jobs the person. What really made him tick? And was he a crook or a genius? The movie is superficial and artificial. You see cool inventors doing impossible things in glamorous shots but that doesn’t really tell you the story of a legend. Rather read the biography by Walter Isaacson. And Kutcher should stick to sitcoms. His performance doesn’t do any justice to Jobs’ genius. But Gad is excellent as his friend Steve Wozniak. Rating 2/5

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