Movie of the week: Planet 51

By admin
15 January 2010

Animated comedy.

Voices: DWAYNE JOHNSON, JESSICA BIEL and JUSTIN LONG. Directors: Jorge Blanco and Javier Abad. A. Opens 8 January.

Rating: 3/5


A muscled hunk lands on a strange planet and claims it for America - only to find it’s inhabited by funny-looking green creatures with weird hairstyles. The one that found our hero tries to hide him from the others.


This is one of those dull weeks when nothing happens every 10 minutes so it’s the perfect time to see this unusual if average animated movie that doesn’t demand anything more of you than to munch popcorn as you sink into a soft seat. Mom and dad, drop your kids on this eccentric planet while you catch more grown-up entertainment - has more than enough action for their short attention spans and will keep them out of your hair for a while. The film sends up America’s arrogance and turns the usual space movie formula - in which strange life forms land on Earth, as in ET - upside down. In this case green-faced alien kids have to hide a patronising, arrogant earthling who actually has a heart of gold.


Yes, because this baby isn’t likely to be on circuit for more than two weeks before it goes to DVD. Compared with a recent spate of spectacular animated movies with larger-than-life 3-D images, stimulating stories and finely detailed realism, this one is ordinary and average. It’s not worth spending a fortune on tickets and popcorn to see it in a theatre. It’s cute, sentimental and fun with plenty of the “ag shame” factor kids like but it’s nothing special. Only if you have nothing better to do.

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