Movie of the Week: The Bling Ring

By admin
08 November 2013

This tale of a group of arrogant teen thieves is based on an article in a well-known magazine about bored kids from wealthy families who burgled celebrities’ homes when they weren’t in.

Drama. With Israel Broussard, Katie Chang and Emma Watson. Director: Sofia Coppola. 13DL. Opens 15 November.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. This tale of a group of arrogant teen thieves is based on an article in a well-known magazine about bored kids from wealthy families who burgled celebrities’ homes when they weren’t in. To make a 90-minute film in which ambitionless teens use drugs and burgle the homes of the likes of socialite Paris Hilton so they can brag later at parties they’re wearing Paris Hilton’s shoes or spending Lindsay Lohan’s money, is a clever idea and it’s gripping. Director Sofia Coppola stylishly explores the addictive nature of wealth, drugs and parties, and the story unfolds like a detective novel, especially because the characters have since confessed to their crimes. Parents might be shocked to learn what teens get up to behind adults’ backs while they look as if butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths as they chew on a lettuce leaf for supper because they’re too high to eat properly. At first the tone is light and playful and you can almost dismiss the teens’ behaviour as nosy mischief. But then they start breaking in every second evening, shamelessly stealing money and other possessions, and about this The Bling Ring has some incisive points to make. Go see it to learn what kind of evil can emerge from boredom. Rating 3/5

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