Movie of the week: Toy Story (3D)

By admin
19 January 2010


A poor little toy cowboy feels threatened when a technologically advanced spaceman action figure arrives in the playroom. Will they become friends or forever remain archenemies?


Anyone with a beating heart and any sense of humanity should enjoy this classic, groundbreaking animation caper enormously. It changed the look of animated movies forever and gave them fresh charm. You forget you’re watching an animated film and it’s clear even in 1995 Disney and animation studio Pixar had no competition in the animation market. Now playing in 3D (in selected theatres) the characters’ facial expressions are even more realistic and the special effects so convincing you feel as if you can touch them. This flick goes way beyond fantasy as you’re taken into a new miracle world where nothing is impossible and a young boy renews his friendship with his toys and learns to appreciate them afresh. Those toy figures in kids’ rooms are brought to life, this time in 3D.


No, because you have to see this in 3D. In any case Toy Story has been out on DVD for years. Mind you it was recently announced Hollywood is working on a new kind of DVD that will bring the 3D experience to your TV screen, so if you want to you can wait. The point is 3D brings an entirely new dimension to the characters and even adult jaws will drop when they see this much-loved kids’ story (albeit with strong adult undertones) in its new format. Take the kids before the new school year kicks in. Strongly recommended as a new experience.

Movie: Toy Story 3D - Animation comedy.

Voices: Tom Hanks, Don Rickles and Tim Allen. Director: John Lasseter. A. Opens 15 January.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leon van Nierop

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