Movie of the week: White Lion

By admin
16 February 2010


A wise old man sits at a campfire and tells the tale of a white lion cub, Letsatsi, who has been kicked out of his pride and must face all kinds of threats to survive alone. A young man, Gisani, quietly follows the cub - but trophy hunters are also after the prized animal.


If you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors with your whole being and simply must stop to take pictures of every animal in the game park or if you’re always armed with binoculars so you can watch every bird in the sky, you’ll be crazy about this movie. Finally we have an excellent local film that treats Africa and its animals with respect, telling their stories in an accessible, gripping way without turning into a nature doccie. John Kani’s relaxed narration perfectly complements the visual images, making this a top local movie experience. And Letsatsi will find its way deep into your heart.


No, see it on a big screen. There are enough documentaries about animals on TV. Experience what it’s like to see wildest Africa through the eyes of a lion cub - and how dangerous nature can be when you’re small and innocent. Mom and dad, if your kids play video games and listen to their iPods on the backseat when you drive through a game park this movie is the best way imaginable to introduce them to nature. It may just stir in them a love for Africa and its wildlife they’ll remember and appreciate for the rest of their lives.


Born Free; Two Brothers (about two tiger cubs, available on DVD); The Lion King.


The film was inspired by the Shangaans’ belief that white lions bring messages from the gods.

Animal drama. With THABO MALEMA, John Kani and JAMIE BARTLETT. Director: Michael Swann. PG. Opens 19 February.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer: Leon van Nierop

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