Movie: Paranormal activity 2

By admin
03 December 2011



Director: Tod Williams.


Opens 10 December.

Rating: 2/5

What’s it about?

A family moves into a new house where things soon start moving around. After what appears to be a break-in they install concealed cameras to find out what’s going on.

Who will enjoy it?

At first horror junkies will be on the edge of their seats but as the movie progresses and things keep moving around they will soon relax and get more comfortable.

This sequel isn’t nearly as horrifying and wet-your-pants scary as the first film.

Like cult hit The Blair Witch Project it uses a formula that works only once; it’s simply not as scary the second time. What’s more, the plot takes too long to get off the ground and doesn’t have enough real shocks in store.

The hairs on your neck might feel a little ticklish but won’t exactly stand on end. But a creepy-crawly has never been as macabre as the one in this flick!

Wait for DVD?

Yes. Large parts of the movie were filmed with surveillance and handheld cameras and the distorted, shaky images actually work better on a small screen.

If you didn’t see the first film this sequel will irritate you because it doesn’t deliver what it promises. It also doesn’t make you care for the characters the way the first film did. An average, surprise-free horror devoid of any really scary moments.

Similar films

Paranormal Activity, The Blair Witch Project.

Popcorn facts

*The first film’s budget was a meagre R70 000 and it made the producers more than R700 million.

*Steven Spielberg thinks Paranormal Activity is one of the best horror films he has ever seen.

*Director Tod Williams’ previous film was the drama The Door in the Floor.

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