MOVIE: Parker

By admin
28 March 2013

This fist-fight drama – complete with car chases and crashes, people dangling from buildings – is tailor-made for the holidays or a long weekend.

Rated: 2/5  Action drama With Jason Statham, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Chiklis Director: Taylor Hackford 16LV Opens 29 March

Three sex symbols in one movie? Sounds sizzling! Action hardman Jason Statham looks in his element (and hot!) opposite sexy Jennifer Lopez, but it’s the robust Michael Chiklis who puts the spice in their stew. “How do you sleep at night?” a cynical Lopez demands of the stubble-chinned Statham. “I don’t drink coffee after seven,” he replies nonchalantly.

This is the kind of cool action film where Lopez serves as mere eye candy. For example, Statham is lucky enough to get to instruct her to take off her clothes so he can make sure she’s not hiding any weapons but he clearly enjoys every moment as she seductively strips down.

This fist-fight drama – complete with car chases and crashes, people dangling from buildings, Statham getting beaten up but not showing a scratch and Lopez revealing plenty of skin – is tailor-made for the holidays or a long weekend. So you can switch off your brain and flinch at every punch as you stare at the screen.

Taylor Hackford’s direction is pacy and stylish, the rough-and-tough baddies are stereotypes and Statham growls just the odd word or two. You know exactly what to expect from this actioner with more punches than brain cells.


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