MOVIE: Quartet

By admin
15 February 2013

Good value for money if you like sophisticated entertainment.

Rated: 3/5 Drama/comedy With Maggie Smith, Michael Gambon and Billy Connolly Director: Dustin Hoffman 13LPG Opens 14 February

If you laughed yourself silly at The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel you may find Quartet a refreshing, witty look at octogenarians who can no longer reach high notes but have lost none of their vigour and spunk. This delightful look at growing old (un)gracefully and being unable to cope with the stresses of the twilight years is inspiring and might spark a few self-conscious chuckles as director Dustin Hoffman nails the characters’ eccentricities right on the head.

It’s about a group of retired musicians in an old-age home who decide to stage a concert to mark composer Verdi’s birthday. A diva (who else but Maggie Smith?) enters their domain and threatens their sanity, order and serenity. To complicate matters, she’s had a stormy relationship with one of the singers taking part in the concert.

The dialogue might not be as quirky as in Marigold Hotel nor the characters as finely drawn, but there’s an affectionate humanity and mischievous atmosphere that will resonate with many cinemagoers looking for a relaxing evening out. To think veteran actor Hoffman has taken this long to discover his talent for directing! The classical music is beautiful and the story may bring tears to your eyes. Good value for money if you like sophisticated entertainment.


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