Movie: Rango

By admin
18 May 2011

Animated comedy.


Director: Gore Verbinski.


Opens 20 March.

Rating: 4/5

What’s it about?

A geeky chameleon accidentally ends up in the Wild West. What’s worse, he’s in a lawless town where he must outwit a bunch of lowlifes. But he has a plan.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who thinks Johnny Depp is the coolest guy in Hollywood and keeps chameleons as pets. This film is actually a spoof of Westerns and the culture of the Wild West.

Every cliché is sent up with a modern twist. As is often the case in animated movies, the nerds and losers become the heroes.

The film also maintains the Western flavour in the soundtrack, performances and moody landscapes, and the way plants and animals are woven into the storyline is brilliant.

Unlike many other animated films what impresses is the way director Gore Verbinski combines all these elements into

a satisfying whole. The humour is casual and streetwise and the voices match their characters perfectly.

The movie pays tribute to great Western directors such as Sergio Leone (Once Upon a Time in the West) and John Ford (The Searchers) and stories of manly courage.

It says everyone can be a hero and win the day no matter how timid you may feel.

You’ll cry with laughter but it will make you long for those Saturday afternoons when a good old shoot-’em-up would keep you spellbound and the good guys always won.

Similar films

Despicable Me; Toy Story 3; old Westerns.

Popcorn facts

*The US censors insisted this film carry a warning that it contains scenes of people smoking – a first for an animated film.

*Johnny Depp’s nicknames include The Colonel and Mr Stench.

*He won the 2005 Gary Cooper Spirit of Montana Award for being an inspiration to young artists.

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