Movie review: Legion

By admin
02 October 2010

What’s it about?

God loses His patience with mankind and sends a legion of angels to Earth to wipe them out. Humanity’s only hope is a blond hunk of an angel, Michael.

Who will enjoy it?

Very few people. This apocalyptic story is so over the top, unconvincing and over-dramatic it makes the 10 plagues of Egypt look like candyfloss. The angels descend on a group of people trapped in a restaurant in the middle of nowhere but instead of feeling anxious about their fate you find yourself staring at the special effects which were clearly created in a studio. In other words you’re aware the whole time you’re watching a thriller that tries its best to scare you but ultimately falls short byamile. Paul Bettany is a fine actor but even with his shirt off and wings on his back he can’t turn his superficial character into anything memorable. Rather do the dishes; it will be more interesting.

Wait for DVD?

Don’t bother to wait for the DVD–this longwinded, rigid flick totally fails to connect with audiences. To makeamovie work the director must be able to make viewers believe in what’s happening and provide something more than just a special-effects circus. The fact you can see through all the trickery and that the selfish characters fail to evoke any sympathy doesn’t help either. Other movies have told similar apocalyptic stories much better. Avoid this, even on DVD.

Similar films

Michael, Underworld.

Popcorn facts

Lucas Black modelled for Calvin Klein before making his movie debut at 11 opposite Kevin Costner in The War.

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