MOVIE: Robot & Frank

By admin
12 April 2013

Inspiring and uplifting.

Rated: 3/5

Human comedy-drama

With Frank Langella, James Marsden and Susan Sarandon

Director: Jake Shreier


Opens 19 April

Hang on a second if you think this is a sequel to I, Robot! It has nothing to do with Star Wars or any other sci-fi movie and is in fact aimed at Grandpa and Grandma rather than cool dudes with attitude.

It’s about a grandfather nearing the end of his life. He refuses to listen to his son’s pleas to move into a retirement home. So the younger man (James Marsden) gets his dad a robot butler to look after him and keep his house clean. But what happens when the old guy plans a robbery and gets the robot to help him?

The movie is funny in an endearing, oldfashioned way. It reminds you of the kind of stories your grandfather used to tell and which you still laugh at. But it’s aimed at a sophisticated audience and is not about jolly robots who drop witty one-liners and get romantic when they hear a high whistle. It’s full of wisdom and truth. Film fans who’ve known life’s hard knocks and know what it’s like to feel lonely and abandoned will identify with it.


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