Movie: Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

By admin
26 April 2012

Rating: 4/5

Romantic drama. With Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt and Kristin Scott Thomas.

Director: Lasse Hallström.


Opens 27 April.

This beautiful, moving drama is definitely one of the year’s top movie experiences.

I know the bombastic Battleship (which has not yet been shown to the media) opens this week but Salmon Fishing in the Yemen is a compelling masterpiece that towers head and shoulders above the competition.

If you enjoy uncomplicated films that tell a realistic, comfortably romantic story with natural, witty dialogue, brilliant  actors and breathtaking scenery, this flick will make you purr like a kitty with a saucerful of milk.

At the request of the sheik a consultant gets a fish expert to help transfer 10 000 salmon to a dam in Yemen so the sheik can practise the art of fly-fishing.

Romantic misunderstandings and prejudice against Western interference form the heart of this gripping, sensitive film.

The style is simple and doesn’t detract from the love story. And Kristin Scott Thomas is at her best! She delivers one of her funniest performances yet as the British government’s media secretary.

Beg, borrow or steal a ticket to see this fantastic film – it will enrich your soul and turn an autumn day into magic. It shows again nothing is as powerful as a movie with heart that tells a strong story in a simple, direct way.

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