Movie: Sanctum 3D

By admin
10 June 2011

Action adventure.

With Rhys Wakefield, Richard Roxburgh and Alice Parkinson.

Director: Alister Grierson.


Opens 17 June.

Rating: 1/5

What’s it about? A brave group of divers enter the world’s biggest and remotest caves hoping to launch an underwater expedition – then disaster strikes.

Who will enjoy it?

This film may be produced by the people behind director James Cameron’s blockbusters but don’t expect anything like Titanic or The Abyss.

At first it looks as if you’re in for an interesting ride but it isn’t long before the film sinks into such a monotonous string of underwater swimming scenes it’s enough to put you to sleep.

There’s a hint of suspense in the beginning but it soon wanes – you can only look at doomed divers mucking about in underwater caves for so long.

It’s definitely not recommended for anyone who’s claustrophobic or scared of water.

Actually it’s not recommended for anyone, period.

Don’t let the clever poster and catchy trailers mislead you. If you expect an edge-of-your-seat experience, something you have to strap in for so you can be launched into another, adventure-filled dimension, you’ll be deeply disappointed.

The characters and character development are so superficial the actors never become believable people and remain mere faces.

And the ending is too far-fetched, even though the plot is apparently based on real events. It’ll remind you of that awful team-building weekend you barely survived.

Similar films

The Hole, The Deep, The Descent 1 and 2.

Popcorn facts

*The caves were built of concrete, then put in a tank and used for the underwater scenes.

*The exterior shots were filmed at the Cave of Swallows in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

*Rhys Wakefield is one of Australia’s bright young stars. In a scene in one of his first films, The Black  Balloon, he had to appear in nothing but his underpants. He was so shy it took a whole day to the shoot the scene.

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