Movie: Savages

By admin
04 September 2012

An extremely violent and sexually explicit flick about two dope dealers in love with the same woman

Rating: 4/5

Crime drama.

With Taylor Kitsch, Blake Lively, Benicio del Toro and Salma Hayek.

Director: Oliver Stone.


Opens on 7 September.

Director Oliver Stone (Platoon, Wall Street) is one tough guy and his latest movie is as hard as nails. Look at the age restriction – it warns you against just about everything except prejudice (P), so get ready to chew barbed wire and wash it down with razor blades!

This extremely violent and sexually explicit flick (did the actors really do all that?) is about two dope dealers who are in love with the same woman and share a sexual relationship with her. Then she’s kidnapped and a Mexican drug cartel forces them to do something inhuman – or she’ll get hurt.

It’s Stone at his best and reminds of his Natural Born Killers. Like Platoon, it examines the themes of good and evil. Everyone is a baddie – some are “good” eye candy but still scum – and the main characters are evil and deserve what’s coming to them.

But Stone celebrates their anti-establishment views. It’s nice to be young, stupid and full of testosterone, seems to be the message. And Salma Hayek is excellent as one of the most awful female baddies since Cruella de Vil.

It’s a must-see for Stone fans, but it’s hardcore.

- Leon van Nierop

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