MOVIE: Seven Psychopaths

By admin
09 April 2013

Prepare yourself for a unique but torturous comedy experience.

Rated: 2/5 Black comedy With Colin Farrell, Woody Harrelson and Sam Rockwell Director: Martin McDonagh 16LV Opens 12 April

The title alone hints that this black comedy intends to put a noose around film lovers’ necks, kick the flimsy footrest from under their feet and laugh in their faces. These tough-as-nails baddies aren’t scared of the law and terrorise the hero with their cool attitude. A scriptwriter with writer’s block contacts the Los Angeles Mafia, hoping they can help him with his story, but once he’s involved in their activities there’s no turning back – and the road he’s on is strewn with razor blades.

Colin Farrell and director Martin McDonagh collaborated on the unorthodox In Bruges (2008) and complement each other, and the movie, in an entertaining way. You have to remind yourself this is a comedy because it is so viciously exaggerated and some scenes are taken to such extremes there’s little reason to laugh.

Your sense of humour will have to be wrapped in barbed wire and your nerves protected by armour if you expect to sit through this one, so prepare yourself for a unique but torturous comedy experience. The violence is truly gory.


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