MOVIE: So Undercover

By admin
04 April 2013

It’s aimed at the same people who watch the Twilight movies, but this one has fewer shirtless men.

Rated: 2/5

Romantic comedy

With Miley Cyrus, Joshua Bowman and Jeremy Piven

Director: Tom Vaughan


Opens 29 March

Oh my goodness, what a camp, over-the-top teen flick! This Miley Cyrus caper is more predictable than the atmosphere in the first period on a Monday morning and as boring as that exam paper you didn’t study for.

A tomboy plays detective and ends up being forced to pose as an FBI agent. She takes her perfumed body off to a university where she has to uncover some or other evil. But how does she blend in with the over-made-up, giggling, iPod-listening horrors in her university residence?

This flick is aimed strictly at teens more familiar with their iPhones than their lecturers’ names and whose screensavers consist of Justin Bieber or dogs with bowties. The characters’ make-up carries more weight than their consciences and the story is flimsier than a G-string. Some girls may want to see it for the cute boys and cool witticisms and to shake their booty to the frequent bursts of pop music.

This movie is so unremarkable it’s best watched on your iPad or cellphone. Adults, avoid it like a teen party. If you’re a girl and under 18, take your friends so you can BBM “Cool!” to one another afterwards.


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