Movie: Something Borrowed

By admin
01 July 2011

Romantic comedy.

With Ginnifer Goodwin, Kate Hudson and Colin Egglesfield.

Director: Luke Greenfield.


Opens 8 July.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

A girl is helping her best friend plan her wedding when she realises she’s in love with her buddy’s fiancé.

Who will enjoy it?

Are you hopelessly in love with the wrong girl or guy, knowing the chances of it working out are about as slim as taxi drivers becoming polite road users? Then sit back and let the thought of dreams that do come true make your heart flutter and your face flush.

This bubblegum for the brain packed with eye candy is pure popcorn entertainment. It will have you giggling and tweeting your friends about what a cute flick it is and to get themselves to the next showing.

There aren’t many original ideas for romantic comedies floating around Hollywood any more but this is one of the few flicks that will make you see love in a new light as the power of romance revives a wilted flower to reveal its true beauty.

But how will she overcome the obstacles barring the way to true love?

Ginnifer Goodwin is much more than a blushing, giggling heroine looking for a boyfriend, and dark-haired Colin Egglesfield will have many dreaming romantic dreams. The perfect blind date movie!

Similar films

Maid in Manhattan, Letters to Juliet.

Popcorn facts

*Peter Facinelli was after the role of Dex but Colin Egglesfield’s dimples persuaded the producers otherwise.

*Egglesfield, a karate specialist, made his name in the new Melrose Place TV series.

*One of his first films, Beautiful Dreamer, was  a flop with critics but raised his status in the romance stakes.

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