Movie: Take Shelter

By admin
30 May 2012

Rating: 3/5

Apocalytic drama.

With Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.

Director: Jeff Nichols.


Opens 6 April.

The end of the world is here! Build an ark or get to the top of the nearest mountain!

Some say the world will end some time towards the end of December this year, and this film isn’t very optimistic about our chances of survival either.

Seldom has there been an apocalyptic drama with such realism, imagination and dynamic style. Take Shelter reinvents the genre with its terrifying, ever-changing ­atmosphere and scary predictions of doom.

The director anchors viewers in the world of an ordinary man who’s racked by nightmares. He’s no superhero with biceps like cooldrink bottles; he’s neurotic and unsure of himself – he’s that nerd at a braai who boasts about knowing how to solve the world’s problems.

But his dreams touch on reality and when he sees the signs that the end is nigh he digs an underground shelter and hides his family there.

The question is, has he gone crazy? Or is he psychic?

This isn’t a fun flick in which a miracle saves Earth from destruction; it’s disturbing and messes with your head. And the message is repeated throughout: don’t mess with our planet; she’ll take revenge! We have been warned.

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