Movie: Ted

By admin
20 August 2012

This movie is just wilfully shocking

Rating: 2/5

Black comedy.

With Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis.

Director: Seth MacFarlane.


Opens 24 August.

Have a look at this movie’s 16LDNPS rating – that’s just about every warning the Film and Publications Board can come up with to tell you a film might be offensive.

This flick certainly has the potential to offend a whole range of people. The only ones who might enjoy it are youngsters older than 16 who’d like to show their cool mates they get the hectic jokes and are hip enough to survive them.

But this movie is just wilfully shocking.

It’s about a man who’s never grown up. He wishes his teddy bear would come to life – and when it does, they form an adolescent bond. But the little bear is more vulgar than Sacha Baron Cohen at his worst and swears and generally carries on until he’s (literally!) in a sticky mess.

The movie sends up guys who never grow up and are scared of the responsibility of a loving relationship, as well as tough dudes who can’t face reality and use cars (or teddy bears) as a crutch.

But director Sean MacFarlane (FamilyGuy) goes too far – a bear who blasphemes, vomits and seduces women is funny for only so long.

- Leon van Nierop

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