Movie: The adventures of Tintin 3D: The secret of the Unicorn

By admin
12 December 2011

Motion-capture animation.

With Jamie Bell, Andy Serkis and Daniel Craig.

Director: Steven Spielberg.


Opens 23 December.

Rating: 4/5

What’s it about?

Tintin, the famous character from Hergé’s classic graphic novels, accompanies his forgetful uncle on a trip in search of a lost treasure. The clues include three model ships that have ended up in the wrong hands.

Who will enjoy it?

Probably guys who enjoyed the rollicking adventures told in the graphic novels so much it made their gelled hair stand up straight!

If you’re not familiar with Tintin’s capers you may find the story long-winded and old-fashioned but visually this movie is as striking as a shark’s fin cutting through the water.

Using motion-capture animation Steven Spielberg manages to render the magic of Hergé’s drawings with astonishing accuracy and sensitivity.

Spielberg’s expertise is especially evident in the way he plays with light and shade to portray the dignity and humanity of the characters.

Local filmgoers might find the European style of the film a little hard to warm to at first but once you’ve surrendered to the sophisticated plot and magical storytelling you’ll be bowled over.

In 3D the images are even sharper and before long Tintin’s look and serious personality will forever be etched in your memory. Interesting, although not necessary aimed at typical South African viewers.

Similar films

The Polar Express; the Indiana Jones adventures.

Popcorn facts

* British actor Andy Serkis’ father was a doctor in Iraq and his mother taught disabled children.

Jamie Bell, who made his movie debut in Billy Elliot (2000), started imitating his sister’s ballet moves when he was just six.

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