Movie: The Bang Bang Club

By admin
15 July 2011

True-life drama.

With Ryan Phillippe, Frank Rautenbach, Neels van Jaarsveld and Taylor Kitsch.

Director: Steven Silver.


Opens 22 July.

What’s it about?

It tells the true story of four young photographers, including the late Ken Oosterbroek and Kevin Carter, who captured the violent transition period at the end of South Africa’s apartheid era.

Who will enjoy it?

Not necessarily fans of blood-and-guts action movies, but rather readers who have a serious interest in the history of our country and who want to know what happened behind the scenes in those dark days when South Africa stood on the verge of a civil war.

The film effectively portrays the courage of these soldiers-with-cameras who dodged bullets as they struggled to report on a country under-going transformation.

They captured this bloody history in unique action images that told the story better than politicians’ rhetoric and speeches.

It’s not clear whether all the elements of the film (such as the romantic angle) are really necessary, but the actors – including Neels van Jaarsveld and especially Taylor Kitsch who plays Kevin Carter – get under the skin of their characters: soldiers who, like the men in The Hurt Locker, relied on adrenaline to fearlessly do their jobs.

Viewers who want to know just how brutally dangerous this type of work can be and want to understand what happened to photographer

It serves as a monument to the people who kept us informed. Sadly these photographers tend to hit the spotlight only when they pay with their lives, as in the case of Ken Oosterbroek.

Similar films

The Hurt Locker, Bloody Sunday, Fifty Dead Men Walking.

Popcorn facts

Kevin Carter later killed himself. In his suicide note he said he was haunted by the bloody images he had to photograph every day.

*Carter won an award for a photo of a starving Sudanese toddler being watched by a vulture.

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