Movie: The Company You Keep

By admin
12 July 2013

Watching this intense drama unfold is like walking a tightrope

Thriller. With Robert Redford, Shia LaBeouf and Julie Christie. Director: Robert Redford. 13L. Opens 19 July.

This surprising, suspenseful drama directed by Robert Redford is good, old-fashioned entertainment with a story. Unlike many of today’s action blockbusters it wasn’t made by a computer with a threadbare plot and hours of fighting and shooting. And you have to keep up to follow the fast-moving storyline.

In the ’70s the Weather Underground, a group violently opposed to the Vietnam War, have to go into hiding after a bank heist goes wrong. For 40 years the members live in America under false identities – until one of them (Susan Sarandon) is arrested.

The identity of another member, Nick Sloan (Redford), is revealed when a hard-working journalist (an excellent LaBeouf) tracks him down. Will Sloan manage to evade arrest?

. Gripping performances, a fine, thoroughly thought-through script and a fast pace ensures you won’t be bored for a second. Just seeing LaBeouf act the older thespians under the table makes it worth the ticket price.

The film is about patriotism, love, revolt against a mindless war and the love of parents for their children. It's everything a well-directed movie should be. Highly recommended.

- Leon van Nierop

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