Movie: The English Teacher

By admin
30 August 2013

We take a look at the new movie, The English Teacher, now showing at cinemas.

Comedy drama. With Julianne Moore, Michael Angarano and Greg Kinnear. Director: Craig Zisk. 13LSD. Opens 6 September. Rating 3/5

Hollywood seldom handles school dramas with respect. The positive influence life-changing teachers can have on young minds isn’t always properly explored. In this movie Moore portrays a teacher who does everything for her learners – and sometimes goes too far.

A former learner (excellently played by Angarano, who’s full of surprises) walks back into her life and hands her a play he’s written, but the principal doesn’t want to put it on at the school because he believes it’s too dark for young minds. But the teacher is determined to get the play staged and in the process falls in love with the young writer (at least he’s 21!). It provokes a chain reaction that’s both comic and sad. This stimulating drama explores a conservative school system that damages rather than educates kids, but also warns that teachers shouldn’t cross boundaries, must be wise and always act responsibly. Or are teachers actually still kids at heart? It’s an ideal first-date film. You’ll appreciate the school setting and laugh at the dilemmas that have to be faced, but the message will sink in. Recommended.


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