Movie: The Ghost Writer

By admin
14 May 2010

What’s it about?

An unpopular former British prime minister (Tony Blair?) gets a ghost writer to help write his autobiography. When the writer is murdered a geek is appointed in his place–and makes shocking discoveries.

Who will enjoy it?

Roman Polanski isn’tadirector to be tackled with kid gloves. He’s hard on his actors and is known for making disturbing, creepy films. In this case he creates a claustrophobic, depressing atmosphere to reflect the wild wangling by people in

government the film reveals Amid a cold, wet, misty and dark setting poor Ewan McGregor must deal with harassment from all sides. Polanski’s mysterious style reminds of Chinatown with a touch of The Ninth Gate. No one is who they seem to be and Polanski ensures you’re kept on your toes throughout. Chilling and fascinating.

Wait for DVD?

Some critics have ripped the film apart but it will go down well at home with a glass of red wine and a cosy heater. It’s the kind of intimate neo-Gothic horror you can wait to enjoy on DVD. Every frame is filled with suspicion and vicious

political in-fighting and you never know what unexpected disaster will hit the characters next. Ignore the poor reviews and give Polanski a chance – this unsettling cat-and-mouse game will tease you all the way to its fairly predictable


Similar films

Chinatown, The Tenant, The Ninth Gate.

Popcorn facts

- Hugh Grant was originally cast in the role that finally went to Ewan McGregor.

- Polanski is refusing to confirm the prime minister character is based on Tony Blair – but scriptwriter Robert Harris says it is.

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