Movie: The Grey

By admin
13 April 2012

Rating: 3/5


With Liam Neeson and Dermot Mulroney.

Director: Joe Carnahan.


Opens 20 April.

Watching this is like playing with razor wire. Forget about Twilight’s “friendly” wolves with sexy six-packs and cute dimples – the animals in The Grey immediately pounce on anyone wandering around the wild and would gobble up Little Red Riding Hood.

In this nerve-racking survival drama a plane crashes in Alaska during a huge storm and the survivors try to find their way through icy rain to safety.

The closest thing to civilisation is hundreds of kilometres away and hungry wolves are on their trail.

The alpha male wolf doesn’t like competition and watches a professional hunter (Liam Neeson) with evil, bloodshot eyes – he can’t allow any challenge to his authority because the other wolves are hungry!

This movie is relentless. The characters survive one crisis only to find themselves surrounded by snapping, drooling jaws. Yet the film isn’t monotonous; the humans’ schemes to survive and stay one step ahead of the wolves will keep you riveted.

If you’re scared of heights, be warned – there’s one blood-curdlingly scary scene. It’s a brutal flick with little sympathy for the characters. Brave enough to watch?

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