MOVIE: The Impossible

By admin
06 March 2013

You might have felt disorientated after seeing Life of Pi but this movie will leave you totally punch-drunk.

Rated: 3/5  True-life drama With Naomi Watts, Ewan McGregor and Tom Holland Director: Juan Antonio Bayona PG13 Opens 1 March

You might have felt disorientated after seeing Life of Pi but this movie will leave you totally punch-drunk. And no wonder, because it’s a film about the process of survival. It’s based on the true story of a family of five who were overwhelmed and separated by the devastating 2004 tsunami. Their remarkable tale of survival and love for one another is told with great realism.

The scenes of the tsunami are better than any previous attempts at recreating the catastrophe and the film’s power and believability are mainly thanks to the 10 minutes in which the impact of the destruction is shown. Naomi Watts endured severe physical hardships in the scenes where she clings to a tree trunk – no wonder she’s been nominated for an Oscar for this role.

But it’s young Tom Holland as one of her sons who tries to survive with her who steals the spotlight with an intense, convincing performance. The movie pays tribute to a family who wanted to be together at all costs and did everything they could to survive. It bemoans the sheer scale of the tragedy but also shows how love, determination and strong family bonds reunited these desperate victims.


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