Movie: The last song

By admin
11 May 2010

What’s it about?

A spoilt little rich girl is forced to stay with her estranged father who’s seriously ill. Then she meets a hunk from the wrong side of the tracks – and they fall in love.

Who will enjoy it?

We all enjoy eavesdropping, as the international success of this tearjerker has shown. It’s just the thing for romance junkies – for 100 minutes it lets you ogle two beautiful people as they suffer, show off their bodies (Hemsworth is pure eye candy), canoodle and party. But the acting is on the average side and if you’re familiar with writer Nicholas Sparks’ romances you’ll know the formula backwards. This movie is based on one of his books and he’s the master when it comes to tales of forbidden love in idyllic places, where every slow tear is a minor masterpiece.

Wait for DVD?

Yes. Girls, invite your friends over, make a big bed in front of the plasma screen, microwave a lot of popcorn and get under the blankets to see these pretty people suffer for their love in a beautiful

setting. The movie is supposed to pay tribute to love that endures despite death, grief and opposition but it’s reallyabig-screen soapie – sweeter and with a bigger budget and more sentimental dialogue than its TV cousins. Perfect for a lazy afternoon in front of the TV but if you and your friends prefer the mall it’s an equally entertaining big-screen tearjerker.

Similar films

The Notebook; Dear John.

Popcorn facts

- Cyrus and Hemsworth are a couple in real life.

- Taylor Lautner was originally cast in the lead but accepted another offer.

- It’s the first time Nicholas Sparks adapted one of his own novels for a film.

Romantic drama. With Miley Cyrus, Greg Kinnear and Liam Hemsworth.

Director: Julie Anne Robinson. 13M. Opens 7 May.

Our rating: 3/5

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