MOVIE: The Oranges

By admin
28 November 2012

It’s a lavish, original flick that goes against the comedy grain by never giving you what you expect.

Rated: 4/5

Romantic comedy

With Leighton Meester, Hugh Laurie, Oliver Platt, Alia Shawkat and Catherine Keener

Director: Julian Farino


Opens 30 November

Why am I not reviewing Skyfall? Because James Bond doesn’t need a review. But The Oranges, which sounds as if it’s about fruit salad, deserves the publicity! This unpredictable, unique and fresh romantic comedy has taken America by storm. Two households have lived in Orange Street for decades and nothing can destroy their suburban, middle-class happiness – except for an unexpected scandal.

It’s a lavish, original flick that goes against the comedy grain by never giving you what you expect – it pulls you out of your comfort zone and throws you head-first into the compost. Not that it’s vulgar; the director mercilessly dissects the American psyche, xamining

the erosion of the foundation on which American families are built.

The film takes in themes such as morals, norms, skeletons in cupboards and a love not bound by prejudices. It warns couples not to take each other for granted or become smug in their happiness – at some point a worm will crawl out of that orange!


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