Movie: The Town

By admin
24 December 2011

Crime drama.

With Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall, Jeremy Renner and Albert Magloan.

Director: Ben Affleck.


Opens 31 December.

Rating: 4/5

What’s it about?

A charming, cool bank robber pulls off yet another perfect heist. The bank manager is taken hostage but later released. Then the robber falls in love with her.

Who will enjoy it?

Crime caper junkies who love guns spitting lead, people dodging bullets – sometimes successfully – and tough-as-nails robbers falling in love with beautiful women.

This wild, tough drama packs a punch but looks at the inner lives of criminals rather than at how many people they can mow down.

It shows that when love raises its bothersome head it can cause even the most hardened palooka’s thoughts to turn to romance instead of money.

Affleck’s direction is self-assured and while his touch is violent he manages to integrate the action and human elements of the story.

Wait for DVD?

No. With enough sentimental entertainment currently on in cinemas to make people cry candyfloss tears, this boot camp of a crime drama is just the thing to bring some balance to the big screen.

It gives a radically fresh insight into how criminals plan their robberies and what happens when they start to argue. Affleck is perfectly at home in this genre with its claustrophobic atmosphere and reactionary touch.

Sensitive viewers may be shocked though.

Similar films 

Layer Cake, London, Hostage.

Popcorn facts

*There are apparently more bank robbers in the Boston area known as The Town than in any other city in the world.

*Rebecca Hall’s father founded the Royal Shakespeare Company and almost her entire family are part of the theatre community.

*It’s Ben Affleck’s most successful movie as a director since Gone Baby Gone.

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