Movie: War Horse

By admin
17 February 2012

Rating: 3/5


With Jeremy Irvine and Emily Watson.

Director: Steven Spielberg.


Opens 24 February.

There’s no middle ground with this sentimental Steven Spielberg movie: it’s an emotional roller coaster that will either have you in a swoon or make you feel sick to your stomach.

An attractive young Englishman, played by the talented Jeremy Irvine, befriends a champion race horse, Joey, just before the outbreak of World War 1.

When the horse is sold to the military and the young man is called up both find themselves in a fight for survival.

If you’re familiar with Spielberg’s work you’ll know his films are often heart-rending. This one is more syrupy than your granny’s koesisters.

In fact, the sweetness is sometimes overwhelming. But the cinematography is breathtaking – just as with Gone with the Wind, Spielberg treats the film as a life-giving e-mail, complete with rosy sunsets, lots of tears welling up and curious horses with sad eyes staring into the camera.

He sats it was his intention to tug heartstrings. It’s a long film (two hours and 15 minutes) and it’s almost stifled

by the constant emotional agony, but as poignant, old-fashioned entertainment it’s just the thing for readers who enjoy moving stories.

And it will grip the hearts of generations of mothers everywhere.

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