MOVIE: Warm Bodies

By admin
22 March 2013

The clever script and story breathes new life into the tired old bones of the romantic comedy genre.

Rated: 4/5

Horror romantic comedy

With Nicholas Hoult and Teresa Palmer

Director: Jonathan Levine


Opened 15 March

This movie has already opened locally but is on circuit until the Easter weekend Kickass entertainment for youngsters, it’s the coolest of cool flicks, raising the story of Romeo and Juliet from the grave, balcony and all!

R (perhaps for Romeo?) is a zombie who has to eat human brains to survive. While feasting on a group of people he finds himself strangely attracted to one girl and saves her life. But how can he keep her safe when he gets hungry and the other zombies get the scent of fresh meat? Nicholas Hoult, as a disillusioned zombie who once again becomes aware of his humanity, is exceptionally talented and the sparks fly between him and the excellent Teresa Palmer.

If you’re not going away this Easter and can go to see only one movie, forget Jack the Giant Slayer. Rather take a stroll with the zombies and fall in love with a clever new genre – the director sends up zombie movie clichés with humorous yet scary comedy that will leave you surprised and with a silly grin on your face.


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