MOVIE: Wreck-it Ralph

By admin
16 January 2013

Relive your own childhood with this hilarious comedy.

Rated: 4/5 


Voices: John C Reilly, Jack McBrayer

Director: Rich Moore


Opens 28 January

Prepare yourself for the best animated comedy of the year. This movie has broken box-office records in America and has had everyone from kids to adults tweeting and SMSing about how much they enjoyed it. Ralph is a videogame baddie who destroys everything he comes across in his gaming arcade – especially buildings – until his victims have finally had enough.

Whether you’re a videogame junkie or just stare wide-eyed when you walk past those noisy arcades, you’ll fall in love with Fix-it Felix and his friends including Pac-Man, Vanellope and Sergeant Calhoun. It’s directed and animated in the style and tempo of videogames and you’ll need stamina to keep up. The 3-D effects grab you by the eyeballs and shake you around as you dodge machine-gun bullets, Ralph’s fists and hungry Pac-Man mouths.

And Ralph reveals depth to his character when he eventually faces his dilemma, realises he can’t always be the bad guy in videogames and decides to be a hero for a change. The school year has just begun so take the kids before things get too busy, and relive your own childhood with this hilarious comedy.


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