Movie: Wuthering Heights

By admin
14 May 2012

Rating: 2/5


With Kaya Scodelario, James Howson and Nichola Burley.

Director: Andrea Arnold.


Opens 18 May.

Emily Brontë’s classic romantic drama has moved readers worldwide since it was first published more than 150 years ago.

The story of the eternal love between the rough-hewn Heathcliff and the beautiful Catherine, set on the desolate Yorkshire moors, has been turned into at least 15 TV and film productions.

It has also come to represent not only Britain’s brutal class system but the theme of two lovers who can’t be together in this life and whose undying love lives on in the next.

Director Andrea Arnold has come up with a daring but unnecessary reimagining of the story that might alienate filmgoers not familiar with the novel.

By using modern techniques such as a handheld camera she’s created an unbalanced production that doesn’t work – it’s devoid of all romance and its claustrophobic, dark atmosphere seems hellish for the characters (and the audience!).

Her “new” Heathcliff lacks the necessary wild, macho charm while Cathy comes across as a waif who mostly rolls around in the mud with Heathcliff.

This movie stifles the original story’s beautiful romance to the point where it turns you off. Rather take out a DVD of one of the many other adaptations. This version is one long, neurotic nightmare.

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