Movie: You Again

By admin
29 October 2010


With Kristen Bell, Sigourney Weaver, Betty White and Jamie Lee Curtis.

Director: Andy Fickman.


Opens 5 November.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

A ditzy blonde is shocked to discover her brother’s fiancée is the school bully who ruined her life. She tries to unmask the woman.

Who will enjoy it?

In the mood for side-splitting laughs and jokes that are above the belt for a change?

Do you need sophisticated entertainment like popcorn needs salt? Then this comedy will put a smile on your dial. It’s just the thing for a girls’ movie night out and a good giggle at the stories of how to take sweet revenge.

The perfume bottle hits the fan when those plans boomerang!

Guys may enjoy seeing just how eccentric women can be, even though the fun isn’t really aimed at them.

Wait for DVD?

No. What’s better than going out as a group and loudly showing your appreciation when you recognise your own problems in other women’s everyday small catastrophes.

It’s done in an enjoyable, tongue-in-cheek manner but the movie also boisterously celebrates the power of friendship and the joy of being a woman and the excellent cast is the cherry on top.

The moral of the flick is let bygones be bygones and allow life to carry on – don’t interfere in other people’s lives just because their choices don’t suit you.

A high-kicking gigglefest!

Similar films

As Good as It Gets, It’s Complicated.

Popcorn facts

*Bettie White (88) says sex is still important to her and she has the libido of a 60-year-old.

*She turned down the role of the mother in As Good as It Gets because she felt animals weren’t treated with respect in the film.

*She first became famous in 1952 when she starred in the TV sitcom Life with Elizabeth.

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