Movie: You will meet a tall, dark stranger

By admin
17 December 2010


With Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins and Naomi Watts.

Director: Woody Allen.


Opens 31 December.

Rating: 3/5

What’s it about?

The lives of a group of people cross when a neurotic mother – whose husband is leaving her for a younger woman – asks a fortune teller for help.

Who will enjoy it?

Anyone who thinks Woody Allen is the cat’s whiskers – and no one else. Younger flick fans may get bored with a bunch of urbanites talking nonstop about their anxieties and neurosis, which is what most of Allen’s comedies consist of.

The humour is dry and witty and there are a few one-liners you’ll want to frame and hang on your wall.

As usual, the actors are in top form, challenged with bringing an excellent script with fully rounded characters and believable dialogue to life.

So if you’re familiar with Allen’s movies you’ll know what to expect – and if you’re a fan you’ll lap this one up.

Wait for DVD?

Yes you can because it’s being screened only in arthouse cinemas.

If there isn’t one near you and you want to share in the joys of people who make emotional suffering a fine art while uttering the kind of wisdoms and witticisms only Woody Allen can produce, take out the DVD and have good laugh.

Allen’s neurosis is as well-oiled as the engine of a sports car. But if you’ve never seen one of his films, beware – they’re an ­acquired taste.

Similar films 

Hannah and Her Sisters; Play It Again, Sam.

Popcorn facts 

*It’s the first Woody Allen film not produced by Charles Joffe, who died recently.

*Gemma Jones, who plays the neurotic mother, was originally cast as Sarah/Anna in The French Lieutenant’s Woman but the part eventually went to Meryl Streep.

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