Movie: Zookeeper

By admin
08 August 2011


With Kevin James, Rosario Dawson and Leslie Bibb.

Director: Frank Coraci.

PG. Opens 12 August.

Rating: 1/5

What’s it about?

A clumsy, shy palooka of a zoo assistant who’d rather kiss a lion than a girl gets unexpected romantic advice from talking animals!

Who will enjoy it?

If you’ve been longing for a comedy that will make you laugh so hard it shakes up the popcorn and cooldrink in your belly – this isn’t it.

It may turn your cheeks red in embarrassment though. You haven’t seen such a mess since that time your vulgar brother-in-law told a below-the-belt joke to the minister at the wedding.

The movie fails from the moment the animals start talking because unlike in Doctor Dolittle it’s even less convincing than your excuses to your parents or loved one for getting home late.

This showy miss of a comedy kills any laughs before they’re even out of your throat.

So stock up on the popcorn, because in the absence of any giggles you’re going to need something to keep your mouth occupied.

And goodness only knows what the beautiful Rosario Dawson is doing in such a low point of below-averageness. Rather read the telephone directory – you’ll find surnames that are funnier than this weird embarrassment.

Similar films 

Doctor Dolittle; Paul Bart: Mall Cop; Love, Wedding, Marriage.

Popcorn facts 

*Kevin James was good at American football and was one of his school’s top athletes.

*His older brother, Gary Valentine, is also a comedian. They shared a flat before Kevin got a part on the sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond and his career took off.

*Kevin was inspired to pursue comedy after Gary launched an improvisational comedy group.

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