Mummifed mother's body found in woman's home four years after her death

By Kirstin Buick
15 August 2014

A woman left her dead mother's body untouched for four years.

After finding her mother had passed away in her sleep in 2010, Janet Pallone Delatorre promised her 98-year-old mom's body would be buried beside her late father. But four years later, police discovered Josephine Delatorre's body in Janet's filthy Arizona home, mummified in the very bed she died in, the Daily Mail reports.

'Janet stated she 'panicked' and believed police would think Janet killed her'

Police searched the suburban home after Janet's ex-husband was given control of the house. Janet had fallen behind in her payments, and the authorities had intervened.  An estate agent had checked out the house for the courts, and found it filthy, piled high with various objects Janet had hoarded over the years.

The New York Daily News reported police found the body "lying in bed and she was clutching a blanket" in Janet's "hoarder house".

According to the police report, Janet had never reported her mother's death because "panicked" and believed police would think Janet killed her based on the condition of the house. Janet assumed the police would think Janet neglected her and that is why she died."

As such, she decided to leave the body untouched.

While Janet insists the remains are her mother's, a police spokesman Jesse Sanger said the Maricopa County Medical Examiner's Office still has not officially identified the body, and an investigation was underway to determine cause of death.


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