Mundolene’s stepmom still behind bars in Mauritius

By Hilda Van Dyk
11 October 2016

Marietjie Vosloo is "doing well" under the circumstances, officials say.

Marietjie Vosloo, who’s being detained in police custody in Mauritius in relation to the death of her stepdaughter, is doing well under the circumstances, says Inspector Shiva Coothen, police spokesperson on the island.

Marietjie (33) has been in a cell in Mauritius for nearly a week since the death of Mundolene Vosloo (17), who was a pupil at Hugenote High School in Springs.

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Mundolene collapsed last week Wednesday after her stepmom had allegedly attacked her. Marietjie was arrested on the evening of Mundolene’s death and charged with manslaughter.

PHOTO: Facebook PHOTO: Facebook

An autopsy has shown Mundolene died of a brain haemorrhage.

Marietjie’s first court appearance was on the day after Mundolene’s death in the regional court in the town of Bambous. Her next court appearance will be in the high court in Port Louis, the capital of Mauritius.

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“She will be taken to court on Thursday,” Coothen says. “The enquiry still needs to be completed. It all depends on the magistrate of what will happen when she appears, if she will be released or if she will be kept in custody.”

Mundolene was on a week-long holiday in Mauritius with her father, Mike Vosloo, stepmom Marietjie, and two brothers (whose names cannot be disclosed because their under-aged). They arrived in Mauritius last Tuesday and booked into the Hotel Riu Creole.

The next day Mundolene and Marietjie apparently had an argument next to the swimming pool, after which Marietjie allegedly attacked her. Mundolene collapsed and doctors couldn’t revive her. She was declared dead at a medical centre.

Mundolene’s mother and stepdad, Mariska and Johan van Heerden, returned to South Africa from Mauritius yesterday. Mundolene’s dad, Mike, will return to South Africa today.

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