Murder-suicide? Bodies of missing family found 10 MONTHS after they disappeared

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26 March 2015

Human remains found in Alask may belong to a family that's been missing for 10 months

A nearly year-long search for an American family of four has come to an end. The bodies of the family and that of their dog have been found beside a footpath.

The family, of Kenai in Alaska, was last seen in May last year.

A passerby who first noticed clothes, found the bodies of Rebecca Adams (23), her boyfriend, Brandon Jividen (38), and Rebecca’s two daughters, Michelle (6) and Jaracca (3), about 800 m from their home.

Although it hasn’t been confirmed, it seems one member of the family shot the others – and the dog – then shot himself or herself. A handgun was found on the scene.

The motive for the killings is unclear, but Rebecca’s sister, Lanell Adams, says the last time she spoke to Rebecca on the phone she sounded tense but wouldn’t say why. The family’s disappearance resulted in a massive search that included aircraft and helicopters. A local policeman, Lieutenant Dave Ross, says it’s not strange that no one had found the family until now because their remains were in thick bush. The area in which the family was found was part of the original search area, Dave adds. “We can only speculate as to how close the searchers came.”

Sources: Fox News; Daily Mail, Sky News

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