'Murder victim' in box is actually 915-year-old mummy

By admin
17 April 2015

It’s definitely not something you stumble on every day.

Street-sweepers in the Peruvian town Trujillo recently recoiled in horror when they opened a box someone had left on the side of the road. Inside were the remains of a 915-year-old mummy. The mummy is believed to have been stolen from a nearby archaeological dig and the thieves were going to return for it later and sell it on the black market.

One of the cleaners, Otilio Padilla Miramontes, said he almost had a heart attack when he opened he box. “I just saw the skull staring at me and thought someone had been killed. I phoned the police immediately.”

The police were immediately able to establish it was not the skeleton of someone who’d been murdered recently. The investigation is now focusing on how the mummy ended up there. In the meantime, it’s being stored safely.

Sources: news.com.au, latino.foxnews.com

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