Murder victim's fitness tracker could prove her husband was her killer

28 April 2017

According to the nifty fitness gadget Connie had been wandering around the couple’s home for an hour before she died.

A man has been taken into custody for the murder of his wife after her Fitbit activity tracker showed she was alive during the time that he told police she had been shot dead by a burglar.

Richard Dabate, of Conneticut in the US, was arrested in April for the death of his wife, Connie. She died in December 2015.

Richard told authorities he called the police after a muscular man in a camouflage outfit and a mask with a deep voice “like Vin Diesel” broke into their home and insisted that they hand over their money, reports Buzzfeed news.

The man allegedly shot and killed Connie, tied Richard to a chair and fled the scene. Richard told police that Connie had just returned from a spinning class at a local gym when the incident took place.

But Connie’s Fitbit indicated otherwise. According to the fitness gadget, Connie had been wandering around the couple’s home for an hour before she died.

It’s also been reported that police built a case by looking at cell phone records, Facebook messages and the fact that sniffer dogs found no trace of a third party on the property.

According to The Guardian, Richard claimed R6 million in life insurance five days after Connie’s death.

On top of that, the Hartford Courant reports he had been having an affair.

He has been released on bail of more than R13 million and is expected back in court on Friday.

Sources: Hartford Courant, BuzzFeed News, The Guardian

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