Muscadel madness

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09 September 2011

Apart from finding one of the best recipes for Sangria (below) here is how Bernice, assistant food editor for YOU experienced the Klein Karoo's Modern Muscadel Makietie.

"Hop on the bus to Montague for a thoroughly modern muscadel ‘makietie’ (celebration)."

This was the invitation that lured me, together with a group of food writers, to the Klein-Karoo to explore one of the country’s most iconic products of the vine.

The bus ride in itself was already an experience to write (or SMS) home about, because in Springtime the long drive is made pretty spectacular by the colourful floral display as far as the eye could see.

Arriving at the beautiful old farm Cabrierés we were welcomed with a chilled muscadel Sangria, made with Karusa Muscat Rose 2011.

This rose-tinted drink with sliced oranges (a drink hailing from Spain) is surely going to emerge as the summer’s no.1 drink at fancy dinner parties and casual summer braais alike.

Any misconception I had that muscadel was a slightly old-fashioned wine, only to be enjoyed after dinner or with pudding, disappeared as I enjoyed it in so many guises.

The versatility, accessibility and panache of the Klein Karoo’s muscadel were shown in a mouth-watering way by the guest chef Hetta van Deventer. She herself admits how pleasantly surprised she is with muscadel.

“It is in my view the easiest and most versatile wine to explore with food and cooking,” she told me.

CLICK HERE to read more about the lovely offerings on the table and how you can combine with muscadel.


Serves 12 guests

2 Bottles Karusa Muscat Rosé

1 litre Lemonade

1 litre soda water

3 oranges thinly sliced and pips removed

3 lemons thinly sliced and pips removed

Mix all the ingredients together and stir through

Serve chilled in a beautiful glass bowl or jug

*Recipe developed for the Klein-Karoo Wine Route by chef Hetta van Deventer.

CLICK HERE  or go to for more information on the Klein-Karoo wine route or contact Ellen Marais at

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