Music with a sex shock

By admin
19 March 2011

She’s thrown on a cell bed by prison guards who take off her clothes, leaving her with nothing but tape across her private parts. Then she leaps onto the bars, legs wide apart, and minutes later starts making out with a female inmate who fondles her intimately.

Later she’s collected from jail by a partner in crime in a vehicle labelled “P**sy Wagon” and they head off on a killing spree.

Sound like porn or a cheap slasher flick, right? And you’d rather die than allow your preteen or teenager to watch it. But here’s a scary thought: she may very well have seen it already.

It’s the latest music video by two of the music industry’s most successful stars, young women idolised by millions of people the world over.

Lady Gaga teamed up with Beyoncé Knowles for her latest offering, Telephone, in the explicit music video, which is nearly 10 minutes long.

The video is a huge internet hit – four days after the launch on YouTube it had been viewed close on 15 million times.

The problem, experts say, is celebrities feel compelled to sexualise their imagines in a bid to increase sales, despite the negative impact it might have on their young fans.

We investigate this phenomena in the latest issue of YOU.

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