Must have over-the-counter symptom relievers

By admin
15 July 2013

We haven’t quite said goodbye to cold and flu season just yet. Have the sniffles or a full blown flu? Here are six essential over-the-counter symptom relievers you shouldn’t be without:

  • Lozenges and throat sprays; provide the most relief for a sore throat, with many of them containing a local anaesthetic or anti-inflammatory ingredient.
  • Cough suppressant; be sure to get this for a troublesome cough, which will help reduce your chest congestion and stop your cough.
  • Painkillers; for fever, aches and pains, will help you feel better and reduce pain and fever.
  • Decongestants; that treat congestion will get rid of a stuffy head and uncomfortable headache.
  • Antihistamines; are the best choice for a runny nose and allergies, as they block the receptor that triggers nasal irritation and mucus production.
  • Vitamin C and Immune Boosters; will help your body fight the infection.

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