Mwah! Expert tips for kissable lips

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17 July 2014

We asked an expert how to apply lip liner and lipstick to create the perfect pout.

Quick tips

  • If you want to wear a light colour, first exfoliate your lips or the lipstick will highlight dead skin.
  • Choose a moisturising lipstick rather than trying to apply gloss over it – gloss might take off the colour.
  • If you struggle to get the right shade of blush, try dabbing a bit of your lipstick on the apples of your cheeks and blending outwards in a circular motion.
  • Red lipstick can make teeth look yellow. Avoid this by choosing a red lipstick with a blue undertone such as shades of wine red, burgundy and plum.
  • To define the lips even more, use an angle brush to apply concealer just outside the lip line.

Mouth makeovers

Cape Town based make-up artist Marlinette Newman shows how best to flatter various lip shapes.

Thin lips

Draw along the lip line with lip liner. Apply gloss in the centre of the lips and on the Cupid’s bow to make lips appear fuller.

PHOTO: wikipedia PHOTO: wikipedia

Round mouth

Draw along the inside of the top lip line, straightening the line at the corners of the mouth to elongate the lip. Draw on the lip line at the Cupid’s bow to create definition.

Wide Cupid’s bow

Draw on the lip line of the Cupid’s bow to make the gap look narrower. Newman also extended the lip line at the corners to lengthen the lips and make the mouth appear less pouty.

Heavier bottom lip

Draw along the inside of the bottom lip line to make the lip appear smaller. Draw on the lip line of the top lip to make it appear slightly bigger so the lips look more balanced.

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