My brawls with Nicolas Cage’s son

By admin
15 July 2011

SA-born Nikki Williams has been the news for the violent disagreement she had with her husband, Weston Cage, but tells YOU she’s pregnant and back with her hubby.

It was a real Hollywood romance. The young South African singer/songwriter met the man of her dreams in Los Angeles and married him within months. He called her his little springbok and she referred to him as her Goth-rocker hero.

And the bridegroom’s dad is superstar actor Nicolas Cage. Another South African had struck it lucky in glamorous Hollywood. Or so we thought.

Soon rumours started flying about the husband, Weston, attacking his personal trainer in a restaurant.

Then the wife, Nikki, reportedly hit him over the head with a bottle and he was hospitalised with scratch and bite wounds on his arms after a fierce argument. Both landed in jail on charges of family violence.

But now Nikki is pregnant and in an exclusive interview tells YOU in the issue of 21 July 2011 her husband is wonderful and that the couple are in a wellness centre where they’re working on their problems.

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