'My husband and daughter are having an affair'

22 January 2017

"I can't take another day."

Her nightmare began a year ago when she found out her husband is having an affair with her daughter.

And she can't take it anymore.

"I can't take another day. I am desperate for help?" reads the anonymous woman's letter to website Ravish's agony aunt, Ask Erin.

The hopeless woman shares how she has been married eight years and has three children.

"My husband is not the father of my two adult girls."

In December 2015, she found out her "oldest daughter and my husband were messing around behind my back."

When she confronted them, "their response was all lies."

"Since then, I keep catching text messages they send each other, talking about how much they love each other. I also found love cards they’ve given each other.

Signed 'Lost and Broken', the woman, who's also finally dependent on her husband, is at a crossroads.

"I don't know what to do anymore. If I kick him out, I lose the house and everything. I can't stay stuck anymore like this, though.

"I cannot take it anymore. They won’t stop and I'm completely depressed, lost, broken, disgusted, and hurt."

In response, advice columnist Erin Khar advised the woman to put her sanity first.

"I know that you are scared because of your financial dependency, but your sanity is WORTH more than any house or dollar amount in the bank.

"First, make an appointment with a therapist and make an appointment with a lawyer. Next, get your personal and financial affairs in order,” she wrote.

"Organise your finances, keep a record of everything that has transpired."

Sources: ravishly.com, mirror.co.uk

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