My son is traumatised, says bully victim's mom

"It was heartbreaking," the mother told RSG journalist Jacques Steenkamp.

"No parent should ever go through something like this."

The mother, who did not want to be named, said she had opened a criminal case against the boys who attacked her son.

'No parent should ever go through something like this'

"They must be suspended from school. I did lay criminal charges against them," she said.

This was confirmed by the police.

The mother said her son was left traumatised by the incident and that he had also suffered several physical injuries.

"Basically, on his hand, some of the bones on his hand moved back from the kicks that he got on the hand itself. He had bruises, a broken lip... but thank God he didn't get severely injured."

Disciplinary action

The education department said one of the boys was suspended with immediate effect.

Another 13 boys faced disciplinary action this week.

A video of her son being bullied went viral on social media at the weekend. It shows the boy being lured onto the school playground by one boy, and then the assault starts by a group of boys. Apparently some boys try to help, but the one bully repeatedly shouts, "Los! Nee... los!" (leave it, no, leave it).

The victim crouches on the ground and tries to protect his head with his hands, as his perpetrators groan in pleasure. He then gets up and tries to walk away but he is held back and punched again. Apparently, other boys again try to help, to which the bully shouts in Afrikaans, "julle moenie inspring nie" (you must not jump in [to help]) and again later he warns, "niemand fokken spring in nie" (nobody fucking jumps in [to help]).

The primary school's principal took to Facebook to respond.

"We mourn the unfortunate incident that happened between Grade 7 pupils at our school," wrote principal LA Haupt on Laerskool Randfontein's Facebook page on Friday evening.

"This incident was recorded and distributed in the media. Everyone who was involved has been identified and disciplinary hearings have already been scheduled for next week.

"Be assured that every child's safety is our first priority and that the necessary steps will be taken against the guilty parties."