Naked thief caught on camera stealing from store

11 May 2017

A shocked restaurant owner called the police after her shop was robbed by a stark-naked thief.

The unnamed owner of the hamburger shop in Bazhou City in north China’s Hebei Province was left stunned after discovering the crook to be a bespectacled man in the nude.

Surveillance footage from her popular burger joint, which fortunately lost only R1 531 in the break-in, shows the thief peering in through a hole in the wall which used to house a ventilation unit.

He apparently wanted to sneak in through the opening when he probably realized he’d dirty his clothes, and a few moments later came up with the novel idea to burgle the restaurant unclothed.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

The bizarre footage now handed over to local police shows him forgetting to cover his face as he crawls into the business wearing not a shred of clothing.

PHOTO: Magazine Features PHOTO: Magazine Features

He goes through the drawers and eventually makes away with the money, later covering the CCTV camera after spotting it.

The owner of the burger restaurant says she doesn’t know what happened next.

Local authorities say they’re now hunting the thief who apparently also stole an apron on his way out.

-Magazine Features

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